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If you're looking for a way to add a special touch to your summer wardrobe or give someone the perfect gift, you've come to the right place.  Shop the entire EMKY site and receive 25% off your entire purchase by using code SUMMERSALE at checkout.  

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Mary Gui, the very stylish fashion blogger from Layers of Chic, accepted the challenge of styling an EMKY scarf however she would like with pieces that were already accessible in her wardrobe.  Mary has amazing style and we love how she always incorporates various prints, textures, and color into her daily looks.  Read on to see how she combines a classic black and white outfit with this loud EMKY scarf.  

Look #1

The ever so classic basic knot!  This way of wearing a scarf is basic, but it adds so much definition to your look.  It's a great way to add a simple, elegant touch to your outfit on a daily basis.  The way Mary tied this scarf lets the fabric hang loose and adds dimension to her overall look without being overbearing.

Look #2

Mary's second look is great for the winter months because the scarf is bundled around the neck creating a cozy warmth.  The scarf creates a feminine tie effect that drapes down the center line of the body.  This look is simple but really adds a special piece of flair to your overall outfit.

Look #3

This look is much bolder then the first two looks, but the end result is amazing.  Mary drapes the large scarf over one of her shoulders and lets the majority of the scarf cover her chest and side.  This wrap is dramatic and immediately draws focus to the scarf.  This look is great if you want to add a expressive print to your outfit by simply adding an accessory.

Thank you for styling these looks for us Mary!  See Mary's full post here.


We challenged fashion blogger Deb Dutta from Deesignplay to come up with 3 different ways to style 1 EMKY scarf with pieces that were already in her wardrobe.  Not only did she come up with 3 different ways to tie and style the scarf, but she also chose to pair it with 3 different outfits.  Deb's amazing style shines through in each look while showing the versatility of the scarf.  EMKY scarves are so special because they can be paired with multiple items in your wardrobe in countless ways.  The accessory is the perfect way to take your basics to the next level, or add some extra ooomph to dressier pieces.  

Deb chose to style our Inkblot Watercolor Scarf which is a watercolor abstract striped print.  In her first look, we love the bright pink paired with the black and white printed scarf. The scarf lends itself very well to the pink dress while maintaining a balanced and gorgeous look.  Her second look featured a bolder black and white striped skirt that complimented the scarf perfectly.

Fashion scarf

Fashion scarf 3

fashion scarf 5

Her last look showcases a casual hair scarf wrap that works very well with distressed denim and a pretty lace top.  When the scarf is tied in the hair, the scarf gently drapes down the sides of the body and adds an extra element to your outfit.  Tying your hair back with a scarf is the perfect way to combat bad hair days and add some depth to your outfit.  

What is your favorite look?  

Thank you so much for styling an EMKY scarf, Deb!  Check out Debs review and post of her scarf here.                                


Since everyone has such different styles, we always love to see how various people will choose to wear an EMKY scarf.  As with most clothing items, everyone will style things differently when mixed into their wardrobe.  We reached out to Anju Joseph, blogger at Code Dressed to see how she would style a scarf.  We love how she paired the scarf with classic neutrals.  The scarf pops nicely against the black pieces while adding a nice splash of color.  

fashion scarf

fashion scarf 2

fashion scarf 4

See Anju's post here.  Thank you so much for sharing Anju!  

Anju is wearing the Elephant Print Silk Scarf.



We hope you're having an amazing holiday weekend and celebrating time to yourself or time with family and friends.  To kick off the holiday season, we're having a sale!  Use code HOLIDAY2016 for 25% off your entire order, today through Monday November 29th at midnight.  

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EMKY Fashion Scarves are made in the USA and make great gifts for moms, friends, wives, or for yourself.  Happy shopping!

Introducing New Fall Scarves and Wraps October 26 2016

The chillier months of the year are officially upon us and it is time to choose heavier pieces to stay warm.  Layers are always a great choice when it's cold because it helps you control the temperature you want your body to stay at.  

Scarves and wraps are the perfect piece to incorporate in your piles of layers because you can style it in just about any way you want to according to the look you're going for.  

Looking for some inspiration for how to tie a scarf?  Learn how to drape and tie various scarves here and check out some new EMKY styles we just added below.  All of the EMKY scarves and wraps have unique prints and are both designed and made in the USA.

Ladies Wraps and Scarves

Ladies Winter Wrap

Black and white scarf

We hope you enjoy!  Find us on Instagram @emkyshop and sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with EMKY news and promotions!


Fashion Scarves From Around The Way October 12 2016

Instagram is such an easy way to upload a photo and share it on a mobile device, it is common to completely forgot to post these photo's online.  Here are a few favorite's from the past month or so.  We'd love for you to follow us here.

Click the photo of the scarf to see more details!  

Popular Scarves Back in Stock! September 29 2016

Shop some scarf favorites that are back in stock!  Check out all the restocked styles here!

How To Tie A Scarf: 3 Ways August 23 2016

Scarves are a great way to accessorize your outfit without having to spend alot of time planning the look.  The simple piece of fabric can add color, print, shine, and texture to any look.  You can create so many different styles for each time you wear the piece.  

Scarves are great for knotting, wrapping, twisting, and tying.  Here are variations to style the same scarf three different ways.

We start with a scarf that is about 52" x 38", the featured scarf in this post can be seen here.  This is a great size for these looks, but a similar size will do the trick as well.

  • Spread the scarf wide and create a wrap. Drape the scarf around your shoulders and let it hang over the sides of you arms and down your back.  You can tie both ends of the scarf together in front of your body or let it softly drape at the sides of your body.

  • Hold the scarf at both ends and gently wrap it around your neck leaving plenty of room at the center loop.  Fluff the ends of the scarf and the middle loop to your desired length and fullness.

  • A variation of the wrap, this style helps add a dash of color or print to any outfit effortlessly.  Simply hold the scarf at both ends and wrap around your neck and allow the scarf to gently fall at the front sides of your body.

What's your favorite way to wear a scarf?  Send us your photos at for a chance to be featured!

A special thank you to Melinda- our multi-talented model and VIP friend, check out her work here:)


End of Summer Sale Starts NOW! August 17 2016

The EMKY End Of Summer Sale is going on now!  Take advantage of the sale and update your wardrobe with a Made in U.S.A. Fashion Scarf.  Ready, set, SHOP!


Item of The Week Feature: Minty Camo Watercolor Fashion Scarf June 09 2016

This week's fashion scarf of the week feature's 70" of silk wool smothered with a gorgeous spread of an abstract watercolor camouflage print.  This print works really well with light and dark colors and is perfect for the summer months.  Wrap it around your shoulders after a day at the beach or use the scarf as a great way accessorize and give your favorite jeans an update.

Shop this scarf here and enjoy a special price this week only.

Have a great week!

EMKY Fashion Scarves

Vote Left or Vote Right June 08 2016

As the primaries come to a close, we encourage you to do your homework when choosing what political candidate supports your opinions.  

Vote left or vote right, but make sure you know what your voting for.  Just because mainstream media tells a piece of news or that someone said something, it doesn't mean it's 100% true.  It's so important to educate yourself on the issues at this time.  Just because you see something on a major news network regarding a politician, it doesn't necessary mean it's factual.  Do your own homework regarding laws of this country and research actual government systems before you decide what's right for you or if a news source is being completely truthful.  Then decide and voice your opinions!  

Wear your pride with EMKY Vote Left or Vote Right pride fashion scarves. 

Shop right here and shop left.  




EMKY Fashion Scarves Prattfolio Feature May 30 2016

Founder of EMKY Fashion Scarves, Emily Kulwicki, is a proud alumni of Pratt Institute and is currently being featured in the Spring 2016 issue of Prattfolio, the institution's quarterly publication.

The issue can be found online here.

More details on the featured scarf can be found here.

Happy February & A Special Valentine's Day Sale! February 01 2016

Hi Friends!  

Wow, how is it already February?  The first month of 2016 sure did fly by.  How are your resolutions going?  Valentine's day is this month and we have some great gift ideas for you.  


Valentine's Day is a fun way to celebrate a special person in your life.  You don't have to be romantically attached to get involved in the festivities.  Gifts are always a nice way to express gratitude towards a loved one, but even a simple gesture like a hand written note or a batch of freshly baked cookies is the perfect way to let someone know that they are appreciated.  

If you are in the gift giving mood, read on for a couple of EMKY gift recommendations.  Make sure to stay tuned until the end of this post for a Valentines Day coupon code.  

EMKY Made in the USA Fashion Scarf

A bright scarf is a great accessory to give someone because it can be worn multiple ways to countless occasions.   The person you are giving it to can style it how ever they choose with pieces they already have in their wardrobe.  


EMKY Note Card Set

Note card sets are an amazing gift because it is not only functional but helps inspire a good old fashioned hand written note.  This set is nice to give by itself or a fun addition to give with a piece of jewelry or a box of chocolates. 

For this week only, use coupon code VDAYLOVE at check out and enjoy 25% off your entire purchase!

Happy gift giving and we hope your month is off to a great start!  





Happy New Year 2016! January 04 2016

Wishing you a very happy, happy New Year 2016!  Looking forward to the year ahead!

Scarf Feature: Jagged Striped Wrap December 10 2015

This navajo printed scarf is the perfect piece to keep you nice and cozy on chilly days and nights.  The colors in this wrap look great with denims, creams, and black.  Play around with different washes of denim when styling this scarf.  

This scarf is made of 100% silk wool which makes it slightly thicker then our chiffon scarves but maintains amazing draping over the body.

Our favorite outfit idea is distressed lighter washed jeans paired with a light grey camisole and chunky cream sweater, then topped off with this scarf draped around your neck.  

You can see more pictures or purchase this scarf here.  Click below picture to read details on our special holiday promotion.

Find out our secret here.  

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Have a nice day!

INSPIRE : CHANGE, 8 December 08 2015

Sometimes inspiring change is posting wise words by a famous writer.

Isn't this quote amazing?

A couple of photos from the EMKY Instagram account:

One more quote for the week:

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Holiday Gifting Done Right December 04 2015

The holiday season is officially upon us!

Do you have any holiday shopping to do?  Is there a lady in your life that you are looking to give a special gift to?  Well, seeing that this is an online women's scarf boutique, you have come to the right place to research some gift options!

Our scarves come packaged to please and are the perfect gift to give to a friend, mom, sister, grandmother, aunt, or any person you love.  The fashion scarves are packaged carefully folded up with special notecards to encourage inspiration.  

A close up of one of the inspirational cards that is sent placed by the scarf when it is packaged.

So much color!  We also offer many neutral scarves, which you can see here and here.

EMKY scarves are designed to be worn countless ways and they can be incorporated into any women's wardrobe.  Here are some favorite ways to tie a scarf.

You can find this scarf here.  Happy holiday shopping!  

We also have a very special promotion going on right now.  If you purchase a scarf from us by December 15, 2015, you well receive an additional scarf as a special gift to give someone in your life.  You could save this scarf to give to someone down the road or you can keep it for yourself.  Use code EMKYGIFT2 at checkout for your special gift.  

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Have a great day!

Brand New EMKY Fashion Scarves Collection! November 20 2015

It's always very exciting to update the EMKY website with new styles of prints and scarves that have so much thought and work put into each and every one.  I always step back and smile once everything is photographed.  I love the process and especially sharing my designs with you.   I'll share more soon, below are some of my favorite images.

Additionally, we're introducing a new silk wool in a few of these scarves.  This type of silk is extremely soft and feels amazing against the skin.   This cozy fabric is great for the chillier months, but still light weight enough to drape over your shoulders for extra warmth during transitional months.  

Layers of geometric lines, shapes, and flowers dominate these scarves.  We paired neutral colors with bright cool tones so these prints will work with a variety of combinations in your closet.  Enjoy!

Ladies scarf

 Ladies Scarf Emky

Ladies Scarf

Ladies Scarf


Ladies Scarf

Ladies Scarf Ladies Scarf

During these cold winter months, we recommend layering these scarves over your neutral winter jackets to take your look to the next level.  

Feel free to click on each picture to take you to additional photographs.  Or you can see all new scarves here.   Thank you so much for taking a look!

Please let us know any questions at or submit your thoughts here.

A very special thank you to one of my dearest best friends, Melinda for modeling these ladies scarves.

Inspire Change: Love All August 25 2015

We love this quote from William Shakespeare:


Words to live by everyday.  

We'll be back soon with some new product!

Shop newest fashion scarves here!

Have a great week!

Tie-Dye Flower Print In Detail July 09 2015

Meet one of our newest prints:

The Tie-Dye Flower Printed Scarf is a gorgeous mix of blues and corals that is perfect for summer.


This scarf's pattern pairs well with these colors: white/cream, blue tones, coral, peach, purple, and mint.  Always use your judgment when pairing colors together and if you're questioning the color combination, ask us at or comment on our Instagram account.  

This scarf is perfect to pair with:

  • A bright wash denim pant and a loose top that flows over the body with the scarf.
  • Starch white shorts paired with an equally white top.  Check out our tips for wearing all white here.
  • Spice up a cocktail dress.  Pick a color that complements this print and use it as a wrap or tie elegantly around your neck in a loose knot.

    As always this scarf is made in the USA and this print is an exclusive EMKY print.  This particular scarf is slightly sheer georgette silk and is 33" wide by 60" in length.

    Enjoy pairing looks with this piece!


    Brand New Printed Scarves! June 15 2015

    Introducing some new prints and patterns added to EMKY Fashion Scarves! 

    These prints scream summer fresh and you'll wear them over and over again during the warmer months.  These patterns are printed on a soft, luxurious silk georgette that will feel amazing against your skin and flows effortlessly over your body.  These scarves are very light weight and can be tied and worn in countless ways

    All prints are unique EMKY prints designed and printed in California.  Hours are dedicated to developing these prints from hand paintings inspired by 1960's art, west coast sunsets, and the simplicity of black paired with white.


    View the new styles here.

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    How are you wearing your EMKY fashion scarf?  Show off your style with #emkyfashion on IG! 

    How To Wear An All White Outfit April 10 2015

    Have you ever ventured in all white territory?

    It's a bit daunting to think of what could go wrong when wearing a completely white outfit: spilling anything and everything, bumping into something or someone dirty, tripping and falling in grass, rain, the list is literally endless of the possibilities of what could go wrong.  But such is life, right?  Can't we always list the long, long list of the endless possibilities of what could go wrong with anything?  

    With that said, lets focus on what could go right when wearing this outfit: you'll try something new, look stunning, and stand out, because, people generally choose to wear other colors before they choose to wear an entirely white outfit.  

    What do you think of this look?  Read on for tips on how to take this look to the next level.


    Style tips on how to wear an all white outfit:

    • Choose pieces that arn't overly tight.  Make sure the dress, top, or bottoms are fitted and flattering.  Overly tight clothing will make your skin pinch in unecessary places and you'll end up being uncomfortable. 
    • Pair white pieces with light shoes.  We love nude or soft toned pumps, flats, or sandals.
    • Spice up your all white attire by adding a dash of color with a scarf.  We love pairing a scarf with this all white outfit because it can be worn in so many ways that compliment the look.  Bonus-you can wrap it around your shoulders if you get chilly!
    • Add extra elements of interest to your look with muted accessories like a hat or jewelry.

    What do you think of this look?  Show us your favorite looks and how you're wearing your EMKY scarves on Instagram with #emkyfashion or e-mail us at

    1. EMKY Fashion Scarf  2. Blouse  3. Shoe  4. Bracelet  5. Pant  6. Hat



    Fashion Scarf Weekly Feature April 07 2015

    Cool tones consisting of bright blues and purples with a dash of white that screams spring.  

    We love this scarf with denim and it also looks gorgeous with an all white ensemble.

    View the weekly feature here.

    Check in later this week for style tips and in the meantime learn the EMKY tips on how to go mod this season.

    Cheers to an inspired week.