INSPIRE : CHANGE, 5 May 22 2014


Inspiring change doesn't have to be revolutionary.  It can be a simple act to make someone's day or maybe even make yourself happier!  

1. JUST SAY NO!  Stop participating in  gossip.  Take a step back and think about what your saying about someone else, it's pretty lame how people feed into this.  She said, he said, they said.   Focusing on yourself and not the about speculating about others lives would make our culture much, much smarter and aware.  Read a book, go for a walk, and write down what's going on in YOUR life.

2.  SMILE!  Smile randomly at people and say hello, you may make someone's day!

3.  ACCOMMODATE.  When you're supposed to say no, maybe you should say yes.   Have you ever been in a situation with customer service or dealing with a company that you needed a favor from or an extended deadline? What if you were in that position of power and could change an outcome of someone's day, month, year, or even life. We are trained to say no to an array of things daily, Try to look out for the well being of each other and maybe surprise someone with a helpful YES.  Pledge to work together with someone to create a solution, not another problem for that person asking for some help.

4, WATCH THIS VIDEO.  We love this video that features Salamtown Board Co. because it shows one of the many ways you can give back to the community in such a personalized way.  Owner Will Anderson talks how powerful the ability to teach is.  These skateboards are all handmade and hand painted which we always support and love.

5.   CONSIDER buying one of these scarves.   For every scarf sold we will donate 20% of the sale to Make A Wish Foundation.  Why Make A Wish Foundation?  The emky brand has been a childhood dream turned to reality.  We want to contribute to make a variety of children's dreams a reality and help add magic to their lives.