INSPIRE : CHANGE, 6 June 03 2014

Happy Tuesday!  Here are 5 ways to inspire change for yourself and for others today: 

1.  Give yourself a “heart change” today,  smile at yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning. Treat yourself as you would a favorite friend.  

2   Try to enjoy the moment. Don’t worry about what happened yesterday, an hour ago, or what will happen tomorrow.  Just BE.  Look around and enjoy the scenery. Breathe in and out slowly 5 times.  How long did that take?  Do you feel just a bit better than a minute ago?  You probably do-that’s because you just let go and enjoyed the moment!    

3.  Ask someone what one of their very favorite things is.  What's one of our favorite things?  This print and wearing it this way!

4.   “ A heart change”… Watch this video!   Nick Vujicic is one of our heroes.  He has overcome such great obstacles in his life and HE goes on to inspire change in others!  A true genius!

5.  Tell someone how special they are to you, write it in a note, a text, a simple pat on the back.  


On that note, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone very, VERY special, the Papa of emky!  

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