INSPIRE : CHANGE, 3 October 23 2013


Here at emky we are always thinking about you, and what you may appreciate about fabric, design and ideas.   We believe that if you feel good about yourself it’s easier to appreciate everything around you.   What did you appreciate today?  We appreciate you-today and everyday!

An easy way to inspire change in yourself and others is to simply appreciate.  Have you ever noticed that a simple “thank you” can make you feel on top of the world?  Have you ever noticed when someone fails to thank you for something that it has a negative effect on you?   A simple example:  you go to the store and the salesperson doesn’t thank you for your purchase.  Did they simply forget? Not care? Or were they distracted thinking about a sick family member?   Most people will notice when someone doesn’t thank them, however, conversely, many people  take a “thank you” for granted.  

Appreciation for small and large acts can bring a smile to someone’s face,  and inspire someone to be a bit nicer to the next person they encounter.   Just create an awareness with yourself each day of all of the things that you have to be thankful for, and all of the things that others do for you that you should be thanking them for-then thank them!

Appreciation for yourself can inspire change in your own attitude and set the mood for your day.  For one week, wake up each morning being thankful for having a bed to sleep in and for a body that gets you where you need to go.  While some are very fortunate that they are healthy and can get around easily, various people have unique challenges.   Don't let challenges limit your capabilities.  Use your challenges to rise above and figure out a solution to do whatever it is you want to accomplish.  

Today(and everyday), try to appreciate someone or something and pass it along.  You will inspire someone by knowing that they made a difference to you even in some small way, or you will enrich your own day by taking time to give thanks.   

Have a great day!