Style Tip #3: Wrap Those Locks Up With a... September 24 2014

Style Tip #3 is all about wrapping your hair in a scarf.  Anyone can do this!  You can have virtually any length of hair for this to work. 

This look is perfect for:

1.  A bad hair day. 

2.  When you don't have time to wash your hair (Whoops! We won't tell! Shhhhh!!).

3.  When your roots are growing out or you need a trim.

4.  If you just feel like trying something new to spice up your look.

5  If you feel like your outfit is a little on the boring side and you want to add a stylish element or A PRINT!!  A printed accessory is always a good idea.

Wrapping your hair in a scarf is a perfect way to add instant style to your everyday look. It's easy and quick to take your look to the next level.  The scarf we used in this post is one EMKY's many fashion scarves, Striped Irony.  Side note and fun fact, this was not a very popular scarf at first, but has quickly become a staff and customer favorite!  It's always interesting how opinions change over the design to production phases!  This particular fashion scarf is 14" X 72",  super light weight, 100% silk chiffon, and is  PERFECT to wrap in your hair.  You can tie this effortlessly  in many ways around your hair and head and it will stay put.  Simply fold in half twice and tie in a double knot at the nap of your neck. 

Here are 3 ways to wear:

1.  Tie it around your hair and let the scarf drape over your shoulders.  Try leaving your hair down for this look.  But if you prefer you can...

2. Tie your hair in a loose pony tail using the scarf.  You can also use an actual hair-tie if your hair is too thick.  Style the scarf like a headband.  Then try wrapping the scarf around your hair like a hair tie at the nap of your neck a  couple of times in a single or double knot depending on the thickness of your hair.

3. Tie that hair in an oh-so-popular top knot!  Easy and very little fuss required.  You can leave the scarf hanging down your back or you could also tie it in a loose bow if you don't want it to drape as much. 


What other ways can you think of?  Let us know on our face book page or e-mail us!  Stay tuned for more style tips.  You can also see additional style tips here:

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See you soon! 

P.S.  Have a great day!!