INSPIRE : CHANGE, 8January 14 2015

Here is a little inspiration for your Tuesday:

As important as it is to inspire change with other people it is equally important to create inspiration within ourselves.  Do something you love today or something you have been meaning to do this week!

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Hope everyone is having a nice week so far!

EMKY Item Of The Week, 2January 12 2015

Happy Monday!  We hope your week is off to a fantastic start!  If you have had your eye on EMKY scarves, make sure you check in with us on Monday for our featured item of the week which entails a nice discount off the special featured EMKY piece!  

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EMKY Item Of The WeekJanuary 05 2015

Well hello there!  It has been far too long since we have posted on this blog, nice to see you friends!  

First things first, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  New years are always such a nice time to reflect on the past year and set goals for the new year.  It's always refreshing to have a new go around for a brand new chapter in your life.  

We are busy bees right now at EMKY but we want to introduce to you our new Item Of The Week feature.  One item will be featured all week long and a bonus discount will be applied to this item.  

You can see this weeks item of the week here

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Before and After Fashion Scarf FeatureDecember 22 2014

New feature on How To Tie A Fashion Scarf!  Check out how, here.

EMKY Inspiration & A Quote To Live ByDecember 17 2014

It's so easy to get caught up in day to day tasks and forget what is truly meaningful to you.  At EMKY we are constantly striving to spread positivity to people through kindness, design, art, and inspiring change.  This quote by Maya Angelou are beautiful words to live by.   Always remember you have the power to influence someone's day, whether it be by a simple gesture or a life changing action.  

Life is Beautiful & Happy ThanksgivingNovember 27 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at EMKY!  

We hope you can spend today doing something beautiful and that makes you smile.  Thanksgiving is the start of such a fun time of year, whether you are spending today solo or with family and friends, try to reflect on things that inspire you and how you can inspire others.  Give thanks for the past, present, and the future.

Lots of love,

All your friends at EMKY:)

How To Tie A Fashion ScarfNovember 19 2014

It's so chilly outside!!  New weather means new ways to wear your fashion scarves.  EMKY fashion scarves are meant to be worn in all types of weather and styled with all types of pieces.  We want you to use your creativity while wearing these scarves.  The silk scarf featured in this post can be seen here and is 14" x 72".  Here are some new ways to tie your scarf- remember, play with accessories, color, and different layers in your closet to create a look up to your standards.  

 #1 Way to tie your scarf is to wrap it around your neck loosely one time so it flows over your chest and shows off that gorgeous, colorful print!

#2 Way to tie your scarf is to drape it over your neck and secure it with a belt at your waist.

#3 way to tie your scarf is to fold in half and loop the loose ends around the enclosed end of the scarf.  Pair with a sweater for an extra cozy look!

#4 Way to tie your scarf is to drape it very low and loose around your neck and tie in a single knot.  This style also looks amazing with a feminine cut blazer or loose blouse!

#5 way to tie your scarf is great for an evening look.  Loop this scarf around your neck twice and let one end of the scarf fall on your chest and the other end of the scarf fall to your back.

What is your favorite way to wear an EMKY scarf?  Is one of your favorites posted here?  Come visit us on facebook or instagram and use #emkyfashion to let us know how your wearing your scarves on our @emkyshop instagram account!

Have an amazing day!

5 Ways To Wear A Fashion ScarfOctober 23 2014

Imagine this: you wake up after hitting the snooze button, holding a cup of coffee peering into your closet, blurry eyed, trying to figure out what to wear.  Hmmmmm, what to wear?  It's mind boggling sometimes!  But there is a quick fix.  Well, we may be biased, but accessories are the perfect way to put together a gorgeous outfit-quick

Simply pick out some neutral pieces, for example black pants and a cream top, then throw it together with a scarf that suits your mood.  It could be bright and bold or have a monochromatic print-whatever suits your mood.  Then top off your look with some earrings or a simple necklace, and go face the day!

Here are some ideas on how to wear a fashion scarf: 


Show us how you're wearing your fashion scarf on instagram @emkyshop or use #emkystyle


Style Tip #3: Wrap Those Locks Up With a...September 24 2014

Style Tip #3 is all about wrapping your hair in a scarf.  Anyone can do this!  You can have virtually any length of hair for this to work. 

This look is perfect for:

1.  A bad hair day. 

2.  When you don't have time to wash your hair (Whoops! We won't tell! Shhhhh!!).

3.  When your roots are growing out or you need a trim.

4.  If you just feel like trying something new to spice up your look.

5  If you feel like your outfit is a little on the boring side and you want to add a stylish element or A PRINT!!  A printed accessory is always a good idea.

Wrapping your hair in a scarf is a perfect way to add instant style to your everyday look. It's easy and quick to take your look to the next level.  The scarf we used in this post is one EMKY's many fashion scarves, Striped Irony.  Side note and fun fact, this was not a very popular scarf at first, but has quickly become a staff and customer favorite!  It's always interesting how opinions change over the design to production phases!  This particular fashion scarf is 14" X 72",  super light weight, 100% silk chiffon, and is  PERFECT to wrap in your hair.  You can tie this effortlessly  in many ways around your hair and head and it will stay put.  Simply fold in half twice and tie in a double knot at the nap of your neck. 

Here are 3 ways to wear:

1.  Tie it around your hair and let the scarf drape over your shoulders.  Try leaving your hair down for this look.  But if you prefer you can...

2. Tie your hair in a loose pony tail using the scarf.  You can also use an actual hair-tie if your hair is too thick.  Style the scarf like a headband.  Then try wrapping the scarf around your hair like a hair tie at the nap of your neck a  couple of times in a single or double knot depending on the thickness of your hair.

3. Tie that hair in an oh-so-popular top knot!  Easy and very little fuss required.  You can leave the scarf hanging down your back or you could also tie it in a loose bow if you don't want it to drape as much. 


What other ways can you think of?  Let us know on our face book page or e-mail us!  Stay tuned for more style tips.  You can also see additional style tips here:

Style Tip #1

Style Tip #2

See you soon! 

P.S.  Have a great day!!


Mission Mood Board: Your StyleSeptember 09 2014

Are you always admiring other people's fashion sense from afar wishing you could look as good as they look? You can!  But, lets be honest, you can look even better because it will be YOUR interpretation!

Create an inspiration board of items you want to incorporate into your wardrobe. This simple task could lead to big ideas with your style. It could be as simple as putting together a Pinterest board called "my style" and pinning your most favorable items to this board as you come across them. Another route would be using a bulletin board or a piece of foam core to create a "style board".  Pin photos, magazine cut-outs, jewelry, accessories, fashion scarves, and actual clothing items to this board as an ode to your desired style. This board will give you insight into how to achieve the look you're craving and take your style to the next level. This is also a great way to determine if you want to splurge on a new piece or save your money for another item. 

Pictured here is one of our many fashion scarves,  Sixteen Bit

See Style Tip #1 here

Follow us on instagram for more style tips @emkyshop

Brand New Series: Style TipsSeptember 04 2014

We are happy to introduce a brand new series called Style Tips.  With this series, we will bring you fresh ideas to help enhance your personal look and bring it to the next level!


Do you carry a purse or bag around with you everywhere out of necessity?  Chances are you don't have a different purse for all the different outfits you put together. Even if you do have a plethora of bags, this is still something you may want to add to your routine. Try adding a scarf to your bag to coordinate your outfit to the bag of your choice.  It's such an easy way to add a hint of glamour to your look of the day.  Dramatically drape the scarf through the handles or tie it tightly in a dainty bow.  Play around with size, prints, textures, and colors to take your look to the next level.  The scarf featured can be seen here, we love how the back and white meshes with the gold detail on this purse. 

Follow us @emkyshop on instagram for more style tips! 

Labor Day Weekend SALE!!August 30 2014

We hope you're having an amazing holiday weekend. If it's just been so-so this far we hope this cheers you up: we're having a big sale right now.  Shop styles you're craving and add something new to your wardrobe mix.  If you need ideas how to style pieces, don't hesitate to reach out to us or check out blog posts for ideas on how to incorporate our fashion scarves into your wardrobe!

Have a great weekend and have fun shopping!

Print Spotlight: Tour De EmkyJune 26 2014

With head quarters in San Diego, out door activities are occuring around the clock all year long. This particular fashion scarf was inspired by all the biking that goes on in Cali: on the board walk in our numerous beach towns, downtown SD, even on hiking trails!  This scarf is so loved because it is reminiscent of biking across town for a gorgeous day on the beach. The blue colors represent the sky and the ocean. The bike imagery speaks for itself. This print was executed with watercolor paint( love when scarf designs start as paint!). Here is the print and a great way to wear it:

Pair this scarf with dark colors or light colors!  Wear over your shoulders, in your hair, or knotted like a necklace like it is shown here.  Shop this look here!

Have a great day!

INSPIRE : CHANGE, 7June 20 2014

Happy, happy, happy Friday!  A great day to follow your compassion!

Compasson is underrated.  "Follow your passion" is said so frequently that is starts to sound and feel like a cliche.  Did you know compassion can be even more inspirational then devoting your energy to finding or pursueing your passion?

 Here's some ways to follow your compassion:

1.  Ackowledge a struggle someone is having and offer a supportive word or two.  Sometimes just knowing someone else cares is just the thing that a person needs.  Ask, "What can I do to help?"  They will probably say something like, "Just knowing you care is enough."

2.  Listen.  Sometimes that's all that is needed to help someone feel better.  Don't try to give advice or tell them what you think unless they ask for your opinion.

3.  Invest in a charity you believe in.  Give your time to something you believe in.  EMKY gives back by producing all product in the USA, you can read about it here.  We also give 20% from the sale of select fashion scarves to Make-A-Wish Foundation.  You can view the scarves here, here, and here.  


4.  The Dalia Lama on compassion:


5. Pass it on!  Realize that others are noticing what you do, especially children.  By offering compassion on a regular basis you inspire others to do the same.  This chain goes on and on and on, so add to the chain positively so compassion surrounds you and others!

Have a great weekend!

INSPIRE : CHANGE, 6June 03 2014

Happy Tuesday!  Here are 5 ways to inspire change for yourself and for others today: 

1.  Give yourself a “heart change” today,  smile at yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning. Treat yourself as you would a favorite friend.  

2   Try to enjoy the moment. Don’t worry about what happened yesterday, an hour ago, or what will happen tomorrow.  Just BE.  Look around and enjoy the scenery. Breathe in and out slowly 5 times.  How long did that take?  Do you feel just a bit better than a minute ago?  You probably do-that’s because you just let go and enjoyed the moment!    

3.  Ask someone what one of their very favorite things is.  What's one of our favorite things?  This print and wearing it this way!

4.   “ A heart change”… Watch this video!   Nick Vujicic is one of our heroes.  He has overcome such great obstacles in his life and HE goes on to inspire change in others!  A true genius!

5.  Tell someone how special they are to you, write it in a note, a text, a simple pat on the back.  


On that note, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone very, VERY special, the Papa of emky!  

Need a little more inspiration?  Check out more INSPIRE : CHANGE posts:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 

INSPIRE : CHANGE, 5May 22 2014


Inspiring change doesn't have to be revolutionary.  It can be a simple act to make someone's day or maybe even make yourself happier!  

1. JUST SAY NO!  Stop participating in  gossip.  Take a step back and think about what your saying about someone else, it's pretty lame how people feed into this.  She said, he said, they said.   Focusing on yourself and not the about speculating about others lives would make our culture much, much smarter and aware.  Read a book, go for a walk, and write down what's going on in YOUR life.

2.  SMILE!  Smile randomly at people and say hello, you may make someone's day!

3.  ACCOMMODATE.  When you're supposed to say no, maybe you should say yes.   Have you ever been in a situation with customer service or dealing with a company that you needed a favor from or an extended deadline? What if you were in that position of power and could change an outcome of someone's day, month, year, or even life. We are trained to say no to an array of things daily, Try to look out for the well being of each other and maybe surprise someone with a helpful YES.  Pledge to work together with someone to create a solution, not another problem for that person asking for some help.

4, WATCH THIS VIDEO.  We love this video that features Salamtown Board Co. because it shows one of the many ways you can give back to the community in such a personalized way.  Owner Will Anderson talks how powerful the ability to teach is.  These skateboards are all handmade and hand painted which we always support and love.

5.   CONSIDER buying one of these scarves.   For every scarf sold we will donate 20% of the sale to Make A Wish Foundation.  Why Make A Wish Foundation?  The emky brand has been a childhood dream turned to reality.  We want to contribute to make a variety of children's dreams a reality and help add magic to their lives.

Fashion Scarves Feature: Mix and MatchMay 08 2014

Need some style inspiration today?  We're inspired by our Mix and Match fashion scarves.  We love how the two prints in this come together, the stripes and the flowers, merge into a gorgeous print.  The soft colors really enhance the little polk dots throughout this scarf too!

How should you wear this?  You can see here for some ideas.  Although, Thursday seems like a good day for a top knot and wrapping the scarf around your neck(as shown) while drinking a cup of tea:) 

Show us how your styling your scarf on instagram, use #emkyshop or @emkyshop and we will see you soon!  

Have a great day!

Fashion Scarves: How To WearApril 25 2014

Need an idea on how to style your emky fashion scarves?  How about a few?  Fashion Scarves are such a great addition to your wardrobe because they're easy to wear with pieces you already have in your closet.  Read on for some ideas!

Draped around your shoulders: 

Over your shoulders and opening the scarf over your back to reveal the print:

In your hair: 

Looped around your neck loosely:

How are you wearing one of your emky fashion scarves?  Show us on instagram @emkyshop

Have a great day!


How To Wear: Sixteen Bit Fashion ScarvesApril 10 2014

Hi emky readers!  Is it springing forward yet where you are at?  It seems to be springing forward pretty consistently year round here at our HQs in San Diego.  

How are you updating your look as the warmer weather hits?  We recommend playing around with pieces you already have in your wardrobe and incorporating new warmer weather pieces, if your budget allows it, of couse.

Here's a simple look to incorporate our sixteen bit fashion scarf with pieces you most likey can find in your closet.

Here are three ways to wear a variety of emky fashion scarves:

1. Pair the one of the fashion scarves with cut offs, a blouse(we love this colbalt blue one pictured!), and some gold toned bracelets.  Play around with how you style the scarf, wrap it around your neck loosely or let it drape over you back.

2.  ALL BLACK!  Can you find some black pieces in your closet?  How about a strapless dress or black pants paired with a pretty black top.  Then top of your look with the one of our fashion scarves!

3.  Light jeans and a white top.  Go casual with this look and let the scarf do the talking by draping it over your shoulders.

What other looks are you coming up with?  Show us your pictures with #emkyloves you and/or @emkylovesyou on instagram!



XOXO!February 14 2014

Happy Valentines Day!  

Our valentine to you is XOXO, enter code at check out for 15% off your purchase.  

Like everyday, don't forget to make someones day today, smile more, laugh more, and ask people how their day is going.  Have a great day!

emky Secret #2January 24 2014

Hey there and Happy Friday!!!!

Care for an emky secret this week?  No?  Yes?  Sure, why not?

We want you to understand our brand better and how it effects you so you can value it as much as possible.   This secret, as is last weeks, is pretty obvious to us, but may not be to you unless you really dig through

emky Secret #2....

We are dedicated to producing product in the USA.  Yes, it's more expensive and can be a lengthy process, yet can simpify things at the same time.  Just an FYI, if you don't know, it can be pretty cheap to produce goods overseas, but it's a rather complicated process.  Our brand was designed and developed on US soil, so why not produce our goods here too?  We think it's important to keep things in the USA to support our country and its work force-we believe in utilizing the resources businesses in the US have to offer.  

Be mindful of what your are purchasing, try to support made in USA product when it is possible!  

Check out emky secret #1 here:)

Thank you for listening to our secret and have an amazing start to your weekend!!

emky Secret #1January 14 2014

SSHHHHH!!!!!   We want to tell you something...

We like Tuesdays at emky.  Yes, it's no Friday.  It's CERTAINLY no Saturday, but if you're doing something you love, what's the difference?

Since this is a fairly new brand and we have just started the viewing process and fashion can be a bit overwhelming, we'll be sharing a new fact every Tuesday about this brand, emky.   We hope you follow along, and if there's something you'd like learn about us or would like to see, please shoot us an email,, we'd absolutely love to hear your two cents.

emky secret #1:

We love, love, love prints.  LOOOOVVVEEEEEEE prints. Let's spell it out:  emky=prints.

Have  you perused our shop online?  We'd love for you to take a gander and tell us what print you could see yourself wearing.  Or if your a guy, would you wear one of these scarves?  If not, what scarf would you like to see a lady wearing?  

We design everything and we knock nothing off.  PROUDLY.   The designs you find on our scarves are designed by emky's owner.  We didn't purchase them from a studio.  We didn't shop the market to find them.  We didn't google "amazing prints" and send the file to our printer to create the scarves.  We didn't take the concept from another brand or designer(hence, the term knock off).  The designs aren't filtered through a lengthy design team.  These designs are original, raw, authentic emky designs.  

This means that these designs are inspired, painted, illustrated, sprayed, colored, and absolutely photoshopped(swooon, our favorite).   

What's our favorite fashion scarf print thats in our shop right now?  Hmmmmm, tough question.  We would have to say Bugaboo Deux, In Pixelation, and Bluesy Stripes.  Which were very popular picks on our contest on Facebook.  Which, you should enter!  It is still open, and you never know when a contest will have more then one winner;)  

Thank you for reading our secret and learning a bit more about us.  We look forward to sharing more next Tuesday.  See, Tuesdays just got much better for us!!  What are you doing to make your Tuesday more enjoyable?

Happy day and make it an awesome one.  

Outfit PlanningJanuary 12 2014

Are you looking for an easy out when getting ready tomorrow morning?  Mondays are a great day to try something new after a relaxing weekend.  Why not freshen your look up with a scarf?

 This particular look will work amazing in a creative or  professional work setting.  Try pairing this scarf with a dark blazer and dark pants and tie loosely down the front of your body.  Try experimenting with color and shapes of scarves too-this look would also be great with indigo wash jeans and a lighter top.    

Since you have a great look for tomorrow morning, now you can loose the stress, get dressed, feel amazing, and have more time for yourself to enjoy that cup of coffee or tea and not worry what to wear in the process.  

Pictured is our Flamin' Cool scarf, which can be seen here.  

Have a great day!

Win a emky Scarf!January 11 2014

Head over to Face Book and like our page and leave a comment about what your favorte print is for a chance to win a scarf!

Have an amazing day!

INSPIRE : CHANGE, 4December 11 2013

Do you ever get to the end of your day and wonder where the time went?  The end of the week? The end of a year?

Creating an awareness of what you are doing each day is a simple way to  that may help make your days  more meaningful, and, yes, even slow down time a bit for you!  How can you inspire this change in yourself?

Just take a minute occasionally throughout your day to “breathe” and be completely in the moment, noticing what is going on around you.   It doesn’t have to be any special moment, but if you do this on a regular basis you will soon be aware that there are many special moments in your day that you were missing before you made an effort to be more aware. 

 Creating awareness is a wonderful way to tune in to your true self.  Also, it will help you notice so much around you.  People, nature, children, ideas, colors, sounds, smells, and yes, the sky.  One small thing you can do is simply notice the sky each morning.  Have you ever realized that the sky is never the same?  God’s masterpiece each day.    It is fun to just scan the sky each morning and  notice the new “painting”.  It may be gray and flat or it may be a beautiful clear blue with fluffy clouds.  

Be aware of someone that may need your help today. Do you ever walk away from a situation or a person and think, I should have said this or I should have done that? Can you offer your help in some small way?   As you become more aware of what is happening around you, you may find that a simple compliment or even just taking a moment to hold the door, or simply smile at someone, can really make a difference, in your day and theirs!  We believe that as you inspire change in yourself, you will inspire change in others.  

Now, you must excuse us, looking at that photograph of the sky makes us want to go work on some fashion prints for our scarves!  

Have an amazing day!  


CreateNovember 26 2013

What have you created today?

INSPIRE : CHANGE, 3October 23 2013


Here at emky we are always thinking about you, and what you may appreciate about fabric, design and ideas.   We believe that if you feel good about yourself it’s easier to appreciate everything around you.   What did you appreciate today?  We appreciate you-today and everyday!

An easy way to inspire change in yourself and others is to simply appreciate.  Have you ever noticed that a simple “thank you” can make you feel on top of the world?  Have you ever noticed when someone fails to thank you for something that it has a negative effect on you?   A simple example:  you go to the store and the salesperson doesn’t thank you for your purchase.  Did they simply forget? Not care? Or were they distracted thinking about a sick family member?   Most people will notice when someone doesn’t thank them, however, conversely, many people  take a “thank you” for granted.  

Appreciation for small and large acts can bring a smile to someone’s face,  and inspire someone to be a bit nicer to the next person they encounter.   Just create an awareness with yourself each day of all of the things that you have to be thankful for, and all of the things that others do for you that you should be thanking them for-then thank them!

Appreciation for yourself can inspire change in your own attitude and set the mood for your day.  For one week, wake up each morning being thankful for having a bed to sleep in and for a body that gets you where you need to go.  While some are very fortunate that they are healthy and can get around easily, various people have unique challenges.   Don't let challenges limit your capabilities.  Use your challenges to rise above and figure out a solution to do whatever it is you want to accomplish.  

Today(and everyday), try to appreciate someone or something and pass it along.  You will inspire someone by knowing that they made a difference to you even in some small way, or you will enrich your own day by taking time to give thanks.   

Have a great day!


How To Tie A Scarf Kimono StyleOctober 22 2013

The kimono look is one of our absolute favorite ways to wear a scarf at emky.


 It's such a versatile way to utilize your emky scarf.  The scarf that simply once draped over your shoulders has transformed into a new fashion piece in your wardrobe!  How do you create this look? Simply tie the corners of the scarf to create a place for your arms to go through.  Follow like this:

What scarf are you tying in a kimono?


Shop ths look!

INSPIRE : CHANGE, 2October 11 2013


We're busy designing and developing new product over here at emky, we hope everyone is  enjoying the changes in weather and having some new adventures!

As we enter this new time of year, it's important to think about self evolution and simple things you can do to make a difference in yourself and to others around you.  It doesn't have to be a huge project or something that interrupts your schedule.  You can carry on with everything  in your life while simply growing in the process.  


We challenge you to give back with simple random acts of kindness while interacting with people: family, friends, acquaintances, those in need, and strangers.   This INSPIRES : CHANGE by simply being a better person and encouraging happiness within others.     

5  things you should do today to make someone's day 

1.  SMILE at everyone you pass or interact with :):):)

2.  ASK people how their day is.  

-It's always interesting to see who asks the cashier how their day is and who doesn't.  Or who holds the door for someone and who doesn't.   It's nice and courteous, and people appreciate it, just do it.  Wait a few seconds for that person to catch up and give them a smile (unless it interupts your schedule too much ;) ).

3.  MOTIVATE someone.  

-Positivity is such a contagious thing.  Do you have that friend or loved one that is always smiling and cheerful, it is simply uplifting.  Have you ever come across someone that just sticks out to you because they were different and helped inspire you to change something in your life or motivate you do start a project you have been thinking about?   You probably connected with them on some level and they helped motivate you to become better or tackle that goal.   Be that person to offer encouraging words to help people reach their goals and ultimately help them grow into a better person.


-No money needed here, take a look at your surroundings in your living space.  Do you have alot of extra things you don't need?  Why not cleaning up and minimizing your life a bit?  Donate a coat(simply google "coat donations" and you will have a plethora of options), clothes, home goods, or some furniture- anything that is useless to you, maybe just something you would like to give away .  Little things you have laying around that you don't need could greatly impact someone else's life. 

 5.  WRITE a note of encouragement and inspiration.  

-Ever receive a random note from your mom with a couple pieces of candy?  Or from your dad while away from home?  Or from an old friend around the holidays?  Or a positive note from a teacher?   It really does provide such comfort and happiness, it's such a simple act that can really uplift someone's mood and day.  If you haven't received a little note from someone, then maybe you should pick up a pen and write a few notes to different people, writing to someone usually generates the same feeling as receiving one:)   Write notes to people you appreciate in your life to help make a positive impact on their day.


Now, what are you waiting for?  Go make someones day!

3 Ways To Wear A Scarf: From Day To NightOctober 03 2013

How about a scarf you can wear to the office in all those meetings while in a professional setting, then go out to date night or drinks with the girls after and still look bangin?  Your wish is our command!  Here's a few ideas on how to take your look from day to night!  Enjoy!


Day Look/Night Look/Scarf

INSPIRE:CHANGE, PART 1September 28 2013

Here at emky, we believe in giving back.  This can sound pretty broad, though-correct?  What does that even mean?  

How does emky give back? 

Right now, as of today, the brand gives back by making product in the USA.  In the future the company  has a greater picture for giving back, but right now we believe that supporting business in the US is extremely important. This is not to say that mass production is wrong or not providing jobs to people in other countries.  But, emky is an American brand, why not keep it in the US if we can?  We believe that alot is lost in the design process when it is handed to overseas production, the intention is lost.  Yes, you can absolutely deliever a cheaper product, but it's not always about money.


We encourage you to give back too.  By wearing product that is made in the US.  By eating foods that are close to home.  By simply being mindful of how you treat others and acting on that mindfulness.  Yes-we get it-you're busy.  We are busy too.  Through emky product we hope to encourage other people to take a step forward with themselves and inspire change with in and towards others.  Smile more, give more, have more intention when you do things.  Anyone can smile at that random stranger, anyone can ask the cashier how their day is going.


You will also notice different messages on scarves when you purchase them.  This is a reminder for you:to encourage yourself and to remember on a daily basis to simply pay in forward to others.

How to wear: Mini Fashion ScarfSeptember 25 2013

Having one of those blaaaaah blaaah bllllahhh hair days? Or just feel like spicing up your usual hair routine?   How about putting a scarf in your hair and calling it a day?  Here are three easy looks to wearing your emky mini scarf in your hair.

How To Mix and Match PrintsSeptember 24 2013

How about mix and matching the prints you have in your wardrobe with a scarf?  The look shown here is fairly simple, just find a print on a piece you already have or want to purchse with more neutral colors and pair with a scarf to your liking.   Click here for more tips on how to mix + match prints.

How To Wear A Scarf, Bugaboo StyleSeptember 23 2013

Need some inspiration on how to wear your new scarf?  Here are three ways to style our very popular 14" x 72" scarf:



How would you style this scarf?  Let us know on our FB page!



Print Spotlight: BugabooSeptember 18 2013

Ew you have bugs all over your emky scarf!  

Oh, no wait, that's just the print!  We love all these little ants all over the Bugaboo Scarf.  The size shown is 14" x 72" and you can wear it as a hair scarf, belt, around your neck draped or loose, or cowl style.  This also comes in the Mini Scarf style as well.  Can you handle all the ways you can wear this!?  We think you can!   How are you wearing your Bugaboo Scarf?

How To Wear It: Bluesy StripesAugust 26 2013

All emky scarves and prints are specially designed to wear multiple ways to multiple places.  We want you to have a special piece that you can wear more then one way-and more importantly-you are excited to experiment with and a piece you can find out new ways to wear.  Imagine this: a scarf you can wear to the office, then out to dinner with friends, and then to the beach the next day.   

This particular style and cut of Bluesy Stripes can be worn in so many ways.  Imagine wearing this piece to the office under a blazer with black pants or to the beach as a cover-up.  Pack this scarf in your suitcase for light traveling and multiple looks!

Wecome to emky!July 11 2013

Hello and welcome to emky!  

emky?  What is emky?


emky is a new brand that revolves around the love of prints, design, and giving back.  emky seeks to inspire change through thoughtful messages.  Clothing can be powerful, we wear clothes everday.  That's why emky is devoted to giving back and evoking mindfulness in the clothing we put on everyday.  emky is also devoted to making product in the USA.  Read more about us here.


This blog will show off:

  • New product being launched
  • How to style your emky product
  • How emky is giving back and inspiring change
  • Answering style questions-send us questions here

See you soon! Try to make someones day today with a random act of kindness:)