How To Wear An All White Outfit April 10 2015

Have you ever ventured in all white territory?

It's a bit daunting to think of what could go wrong when wearing a completely white outfit: spilling anything and everything, bumping into something or someone dirty, tripping and falling in grass, rain, the list is literally endless of the possibilities of what could go wrong.  But such is life, right?  Can't we always list the long, long list of the endless possibilities of what could go wrong with anything?  

With that said, lets focus on what could go right when wearing this outfit: you'll try something new, look stunning, and stand out, because, people generally choose to wear other colors before they choose to wear an entirely white outfit.  

What do you think of this look?  Read on for tips on how to take this look to the next level.


Style tips on how to wear an all white outfit:

  • Choose pieces that arn't overly tight.  Make sure the dress, top, or bottoms are fitted and flattering.  Overly tight clothing will make your skin pinch in unecessary places and you'll end up being uncomfortable. 
  • Pair white pieces with light shoes.  We love nude or soft toned pumps, flats, or sandals.
  • Spice up your all white attire by adding a dash of color with a scarf.  We love pairing a scarf with this all white outfit because it can be worn in so many ways that compliment the look.  Bonus-you can wrap it around your shoulders if you get chilly!
  • Add extra elements of interest to your look with muted accessories like a hat or jewelry.

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