Tie-Dye Flower Print In Detail July 09 2015

Meet one of our newest prints:

The Tie-Dye Flower Printed Scarf is a gorgeous mix of blues and corals that is perfect for summer.


This scarf's pattern pairs well with these colors: white/cream, blue tones, coral, peach, purple, and mint.  Always use your judgment when pairing colors together and if you're questioning the color combination, ask us at hello@emkyshop.com or comment on our Instagram account.  

This scarf is perfect to pair with:

  • A bright wash denim pant and a loose top that flows over the body with the scarf.
  • Starch white shorts paired with an equally white top.  Check out our tips for wearing all white here.
  • Spice up a cocktail dress.  Pick a color that complements this print and use it as a wrap or tie elegantly around your neck in a loose knot.

    As always this scarf is made in the USA and this print is an exclusive EMKY print.  This particular scarf is slightly sheer georgette silk and is 33" wide by 60" in length.

    Enjoy pairing looks with this piece!