INSPIRE : CHANGE, 2 October 11 2013


We're busy designing and developing new product over here at emky, we hope everyone is  enjoying the changes in weather and having some new adventures!

As we enter this new time of year, it's important to think about self evolution and simple things you can do to make a difference in yourself and to others around you.  It doesn't have to be a huge project or something that interrupts your schedule.  You can carry on with everything  in your life while simply growing in the process.  


We challenge you to give back with simple random acts of kindness while interacting with people: family, friends, acquaintances, those in need, and strangers.   This INSPIRES : CHANGE by simply being a better person and encouraging happiness within others.     

5  things you should do today to make someone's day 

1.  SMILE at everyone you pass or interact with :):):)

2.  ASK people how their day is.  

-It's always interesting to see who asks the cashier how their day is and who doesn't.  Or who holds the door for someone and who doesn't.   It's nice and courteous, and people appreciate it, just do it.  Wait a few seconds for that person to catch up and give them a smile (unless it interupts your schedule too much ;) ).

3.  MOTIVATE someone.  

-Positivity is such a contagious thing.  Do you have that friend or loved one that is always smiling and cheerful, it is simply uplifting.  Have you ever come across someone that just sticks out to you because they were different and helped inspire you to change something in your life or motivate you do start a project you have been thinking about?   You probably connected with them on some level and they helped motivate you to become better or tackle that goal.   Be that person to offer encouraging words to help people reach their goals and ultimately help them grow into a better person.


-No money needed here, take a look at your surroundings in your living space.  Do you have alot of extra things you don't need?  Why not cleaning up and minimizing your life a bit?  Donate a coat(simply google "coat donations" and you will have a plethora of options), clothes, home goods, or some furniture- anything that is useless to you, maybe just something you would like to give away .  Little things you have laying around that you don't need could greatly impact someone else's life. 

 5.  WRITE a note of encouragement and inspiration.  

-Ever receive a random note from your mom with a couple pieces of candy?  Or from your dad while away from home?  Or from an old friend around the holidays?  Or a positive note from a teacher?   It really does provide such comfort and happiness, it's such a simple act that can really uplift someone's mood and day.  If you haven't received a little note from someone, then maybe you should pick up a pen and write a few notes to different people, writing to someone usually generates the same feeling as receiving one:)   Write notes to people you appreciate in your life to help make a positive impact on their day.


Now, what are you waiting for?  Go make someones day!