How To Wear A Fashion Scarf: Casual Style February 25 2015

Quick style tip: throw on a pair of  jeans, a bright top, some hot shoes and tie it all together with this scarf.


Bonus tips:

  • Reinvent your style with a new pair of jeans or an old pair that are hidden in the back of your closet.  We all get stuck in style ruts and an easy way to get out of it is to change up your style lines.  Are you constantly wearing skinny jeans?  Switch it up to a pair of flare or boot cut pants.  Is your go to a dark wash?  Try distressed denim or lighter wash to mix it up
  • Accessories!  Add some dainty gold or silver jewelry to your everyday look.  It's amazing how a few bangles can help tie in a scarf or a pair of shoes.

Hope you're having a nice week!

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