MOD SQUAD April 03 2015

Compared to clothing, accessories are particularly unique because they never go out of style if you, the stylist, are wearing it up to your standards.  This scarf has a chameleon like quality that seems to match just about anything. 

The mod look is coming back in full effect this year and we couldn't we more thrilled.  This look screams spring, beach, and frolicking in the sunshine.

Style Tips:

  •  Wrap this scarf around your neck to expose your arms and shoulders.  Tie your hair out of the way in a top knot.
  • Add simple gold or silver dainty jewelry to your wrists and fingers to add an extra special touch.
  • Not into this top?  No problem.  This look works really well with a simple tank, light blouse, or even a casual, fitted tee with clean style lines.  We recommend tucking your top into the skirt to take advantage of the button and seam details.  These lines will elongate your figure.
  • As always, play around with the various pieces in this clothing story.  This outfit would also look great with cute flats and a simple tank tucked into the skirt.  
  • Need ideas to style the scarf?  Check out EMKY style tips on how to tie a scarf here.

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Featured pieces in the Mod Squad clothing story:  1. Scarf  2. Sunglasses  3. Top  4. Skirt  5. Shoes