Valentine's Day Fashion Scarf Of The Week February 10 2015

Hello there and cheers to a good week so far!  It's Valentine's week!  Whether you're spending the day solo or have a hot date, it's always fun to embrace some pink and red decorations with candy sprinkled all over.  This week we have a special Valentine's twist to the EMKY item of the week!


This is a special Valentine's Day Item Of The Week because there is something love related on this scarf.  Can you guess what it is?  Check it out here.

This is a special scarf because of the heart detail that is right in the middle.  How do you like it?  These bright colors tie together nicely and can be worn many ways, possibly with a pretty navy blue blouse and jeans or a nice neutral pieces.  

As always check out many ways how to wear a scarf here.  This scarf is great to buy for yourself, wear on a date, or gift to a friend!  Fear not-you can wear this fashion scarf during any month of the year, it absolutely works very well during non-valentine related months:)

Enjoy the start to you week and we will see you soon!