Inspire With A Smile February 05 2015

Inspire : Change, 9

Do you ever have one of those day's when it's honestly the best day ever?  The sun is shining, the air is light, your energy is amazing, and you just feel good.  Do you ever notice on those days when life is oh-so-amazing, that everyone you come into contact with is extra friendly and has an extra big smile spread across their face?  This is because you're most likely smiling at them and radiating that powerful inspiring energy you feel inside of you.  So, when you can and hopefully it is often, smile at people you come into contact with because it will help inspire change within that person and most likely change their day for the better.  It's a small act of kindness,  but you can do it anywhere, and as Mother Theresa states in the below quote, it is the starting point of LOVE.  

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Hope you are having an amazing week.

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