Soft Prints Paired With Neutrals March 05 2015

Have you had a chance to check out this week's  fashion scarf item of the week?  This print is a unique EMKY print and has been in our collection for quite sometime.  The soft watercolor tones pair nicely with black pieces or denim basics in a timeless fashion.  This scarf is the PERFECT size, length, and weight to tie in your hair and still large enough to wrap around your shoulders.  

The below look screams simple and dreamy.   

Fashion doesn't have to be complicated-although sometimes complicated can be fun.  It's nice to have those basics that you can just throw together and wind up with the perfect mix of the right pieces all wrapped up into one look.  These classic flats with gold studs are the perfect contrast to the bright blue distressed denim jeans.  The white top could easily be replaced with cool color complimentary to the other colors in this story.  We recommend checking out this post on how to incorporate this fashion scarf into this look, but play around with and see what you can come up with.  

3 Ways To Wear  A Scarf With This Look:

  • Tie the scarf in your hair and let it drape down your back.
  • Drape this fashion scarf around your shoulders and tie in a loose knot a couple inches above your belly button.
  • Loop it through your belt loops for a belted look.

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Pieces shown here:  SCARF  |  TOP  |  JEANS  |  SHOES