INSPIRE : CHANGE, 4 December 11 2013

Do you ever get to the end of your day and wonder where the time went?  The end of the week? The end of a year?

Creating an awareness of what you are doing each day is a simple way to  that may help make your days  more meaningful, and, yes, even slow down time a bit for you!  How can you inspire this change in yourself?

Just take a minute occasionally throughout your day to “breathe” and be completely in the moment, noticing what is going on around you.   It doesn’t have to be any special moment, but if you do this on a regular basis you will soon be aware that there are many special moments in your day that you were missing before you made an effort to be more aware. 

 Creating awareness is a wonderful way to tune in to your true self.  Also, it will help you notice so much around you.  People, nature, children, ideas, colors, sounds, smells, and yes, the sky.  One small thing you can do is simply notice the sky each morning.  Have you ever realized that the sky is never the same?  God’s masterpiece each day.    It is fun to just scan the sky each morning and  notice the new “painting”.  It may be gray and flat or it may be a beautiful clear blue with fluffy clouds.  

Be aware of someone that may need your help today. Do you ever walk away from a situation or a person and think, I should have said this or I should have done that? Can you offer your help in some small way?   As you become more aware of what is happening around you, you may find that a simple compliment or even just taking a moment to hold the door, or simply smile at someone, can really make a difference, in your day and theirs!  We believe that as you inspire change in yourself, you will inspire change in others.  

Now, you must excuse us, looking at that photograph of the sky makes us want to go work on some fashion prints for our scarves!  

Have an amazing day!