How To Tie A Scarf: The Basic Tie March 27 2015

The Basic Tie is an easy way to tie a scarf that can transform any look in seconds.  The scarf shown in this step by step guide can be seen here and is about 63" x 40" and made of chiffon silk. 

The basic tie can be worn with many sizes of scarfs but to achieve the look featured it is best to use a scarf that is longer in length then width. 


1 .  Hold scarf out length wise in both hands so fabric is separated properly.


2.  Roll fabric length wise at center of scarf to minimize bulk in center area of scarf that will roll around your neck.


3.  Continue holding the scarf lengthwise and drape over both of your shoulders.


4.  Create a half knot by looping one side of the scarf on top and through the other side of the scarf as shown.

5.  After you loop scarf through, arrange placement to decrease bulk.  Place looped area as close together as possible so it lays flat.


6.  Create a finalized look by arranging the looped area as high or low as desired depending on what you are wearing.

We want to see how you are wearing your scarf and using The Basic Tie.  E-mail us your pictures at or use #emkyfashion on Instagram.