How To Tie A Scarf: 3 Ways August 23 2016

Scarves are a great way to accessorize your outfit without having to spend alot of time planning the look.  The simple piece of fabric can add color, print, shine, and texture to any look.  You can create so many different styles for each time you wear the piece.  

Scarves are great for knotting, wrapping, twisting, and tying.  Here are variations to style the same scarf three different ways.

We start with a scarf that is about 52" x 38", the featured scarf in this post can be seen here.  This is a great size for these looks, but a similar size will do the trick as well.

  • Spread the scarf wide and create a wrap. Drape the scarf around your shoulders and let it hang over the sides of you arms and down your back.  You can tie both ends of the scarf together in front of your body or let it softly drape at the sides of your body.

  • Hold the scarf at both ends and gently wrap it around your neck leaving plenty of room at the center loop.  Fluff the ends of the scarf and the middle loop to your desired length and fullness.

  • A variation of the wrap, this style helps add a dash of color or print to any outfit effortlessly.  Simply hold the scarf at both ends and wrap around your neck and allow the scarf to gently fall at the front sides of your body.

What's your favorite way to wear a scarf?  Send us your photos at for a chance to be featured!

A special thank you to Melinda- our multi-talented model and VIP friend, check out her work here:)