Valentine's Day Date Night Look Outfit February 11 2015

Love is in the air this week at EMKY Fashion Scarves!  We are in full love-pink-red-candy-hearts-confetti-sweet treat-sweet notes mode.  In honor of Valentine's day coming up, we put together a date night look for you.  This outfit is geared towards a Valentine's date night look, but it is absolutely acceptable for other nights of the year.  For this look we recommend you wear it during the months of February through August because the fun flirty tones hint at a romantic date night in February(hint, hint), to a fun lunch in May, to a flirtatious night out in August.  

This fashion scarf is great for Valentine's Day because of its soft pink and peach hues, but you can compliment it with plenty more outfits with the gorgeous blues and purples mixed in this print.  Heart's, checkers, and stripes dominate this over sized scarf that you can wrap around your neck or simply drape around your body in countless ways.

Remember, this is just a basic skeleton of how you can pull this look together.  Take a look in your closet and see what similar pieces you may already have to complete this look.  We love all the flirty elements in this date night outfit dominated with hints of gold mixed with the vibrant colors in the featured EMKY scarf.  Always start with a strong piece and build from there.  

Hope you enjoy this look!  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with EMKY.  Keep us up to date with how you're styling your outfits with #emkyfashion or @emkyshop

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