INSPIRE:CHANGE, PART 1 September 28 2013

Here at emky, we believe in giving back.  This can sound pretty broad, though-correct?  What does that even mean?  

How does emky give back? 

Right now, as of today, the brand gives back by making product in the USA.  In the future the company  has a greater picture for giving back, but right now we believe that supporting business in the US is extremely important. This is not to say that mass production is wrong or not providing jobs to people in other countries.  But, emky is an American brand, why not keep it in the US if we can?  We believe that alot is lost in the design process when it is handed to overseas production, the intention is lost.  Yes, you can absolutely deliever a cheaper product, but it's not always about money.


We encourage you to give back too.  By wearing product that is made in the US.  By eating foods that are close to home.  By simply being mindful of how you treat others and acting on that mindfulness.  Yes-we get it-you're busy.  We are busy too.  Through emky product we hope to encourage other people to take a step forward with themselves and inspire change with in and towards others.  Smile more, give more, have more intention when you do things.  Anyone can smile at that random stranger, anyone can ask the cashier how their day is going.


You will also notice different messages on scarves when you purchase them.  This is a reminder for you:to encourage yourself and to remember on a daily basis to simply pay in forward to others.