Screaming Spring Shopping Tips March 11 2015

Spring is right around the corner and it's time to start thinking about new colors, prints, and silhouettes to welcome the warmer weather.  Here are a few of our favorite pieces we've seen around the web, including our feature this week.  Read on for some tips for incorporating some new clothing and accessories into your look this season.

Tips For Spring Shopping:

  • Keep your eyes peeled for items that will pair well with at least 3 pieces that are already in your closet.  For example, if your debating over a couple pairs of new shoes and your budget only allows for one pair, we recommend a pair that will round out your spring clothing that can be worn with multiple things including  jeans, shorts, and dresses.
  • Take advantage of online shops and make sure to use coupon codes online to your benefit.  More times often then not, if you sign up for an e-mail list or google a coupon code for a store,  you'll be able to find a discount of sorts.  Companies will also do giveaways on social media geared specifically to their followers so pay attention to those accounts  if you can (for example EMKY gives alot of bonus coupon codes to our friends and followers on Facebook).  If you love shopping at the actual stores, try to see if you can score an extra deal online before you purchase in store, it may be worth it to wait a couple of days for that package in the mail.
  • TEXTURES.  The little white jacket shown in the above spread has an amazing light weight open knit that adds a depth to your look without weighing down your outfit.  Distressed denim and printed accessories have the same effect because your building on your outfit to complement your taste and style.  
  • Choose pieces that you are comfortable in.  For example,  if you want to wear heels everyday, find a pair that you can walk in with ease.  Buy clothes that fit well and you feel good in.  This in turn will help you feel beautiful inside and out and you will exude confidence.