Brand New EMKY Fashion Scarves Collection! November 20 2015

It's always very exciting to update the EMKY website with new styles of prints and scarves that have so much thought and work put into each and every one.  I always step back and smile once everything is photographed.  I love the process and especially sharing my designs with you.   I'll share more soon, below are some of my favorite images.

Additionally, we're introducing a new silk wool in a few of these scarves.  This type of silk is extremely soft and feels amazing against the skin.   This cozy fabric is great for the chillier months, but still light weight enough to drape over your shoulders for extra warmth during transitional months.  

Layers of geometric lines, shapes, and flowers dominate these scarves.  We paired neutral colors with bright cool tones so these prints will work with a variety of combinations in your closet.  Enjoy!

Ladies scarf

 Ladies Scarf Emky

Ladies Scarf

Ladies Scarf


Ladies Scarf

Ladies Scarf Ladies Scarf

During these cold winter months, we recommend layering these scarves over your neutral winter jackets to take your look to the next level.  

Feel free to click on each picture to take you to additional photographs.  Or you can see all new scarves here.   Thank you so much for taking a look!

Please let us know any questions at or submit your thoughts here.

A very special thank you to one of my dearest best friends, Melinda for modeling these ladies scarves.