We challenged fashion blogger Deb Dutta from Deesignplay to come up with 3 different ways to style 1 EMKY scarf with pieces that were already in her wardrobe.  Not only did she come up with 3 different ways to tie and style the scarf, but she also chose to pair it with 3 different outfits.  Deb's amazing style shines through in each look while showing the versatility of the scarf.  EMKY scarves are so special because they can be paired with multiple items in your wardrobe in countless ways.  The accessory is the perfect way to take your basics to the next level, or add some extra ooomph to dressier pieces.  

Deb chose to style our Inkblot Watercolor Scarf which is a watercolor abstract striped print.  In her first look, we love the bright pink paired with the black and white printed scarf. The scarf lends itself very well to the pink dress while maintaining a balanced and gorgeous look.  Her second look featured a bolder black and white striped skirt that complimented the scarf perfectly.

Fashion scarf

Fashion scarf 3

fashion scarf 5

Her last look showcases a casual hair scarf wrap that works very well with distressed denim and a pretty lace top.  When the scarf is tied in the hair, the scarf gently drapes down the sides of the body and adds an extra element to your outfit.  Tying your hair back with a scarf is the perfect way to combat bad hair days and add some depth to your outfit.  

What is your favorite look?  

Thank you so much for styling an EMKY scarf, Deb!  Check out Debs review and post of her scarf here.