Fashion Scarf Item Of The Week #4 January 26 2015

Well hello there, happy Monday!  Hope your week is of to a vibrant start filled with motivation and smiles!  Did you catch last week's item of the week?  If not, there is always a brand new item featured every week at EMKY.  With every item of the week there is a nice little discount attached and we always choose something that we personally adore to wear.  We encourage you to check the item out and find many ways to incorporate it into your style.  

We want to see how you're wearing your scarf, show us on instagram with #emkyfashion or shoot us an e-mail with your picture at:


Check out the fashion scarf feature of the week here!

 In the spirit of #emkyfashion here is a sunset picture to make you smile. 

Made in USA fashion scares always look great on the beach!  Check back later this week for some style tips!

We hope you have a wonderful week.