5 Ways To Wear A Fashion Scarf October 23 2014

Imagine this: you wake up after hitting the snooze button, holding a cup of coffee peering into your closet, blurry eyed, trying to figure out what to wear.  Hmmmmm, what to wear?  It's mind boggling sometimes!  But there is a quick fix.  Well, we may be biased, but accessories are the perfect way to put together a gorgeous outfit-quick

Simply pick out some neutral pieces, for example black pants and a cream top, then throw it together with a scarf that suits your mood.  It could be bright and bold or have a monochromatic print-whatever suits your mood.  Then top off your look with some earrings or a simple necklace, and go face the day!

Here are some ideas on how to wear a fashion scarf: 


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