INSPIRE : CHANGE, 7 June 20 2014

Happy, happy, happy Friday!  A great day to follow your compassion!

Compasson is underrated.  "Follow your passion" is said so frequently that is starts to sound and feel like a cliche.  Did you know compassion can be even more inspirational then devoting your energy to finding or pursueing your passion?

 Here's some ways to follow your compassion:

1.  Ackowledge a struggle someone is having and offer a supportive word or two.  Sometimes just knowing someone else cares is just the thing that a person needs.  Ask, "What can I do to help?"  They will probably say something like, "Just knowing you care is enough."

2.  Listen.  Sometimes that's all that is needed to help someone feel better.  Don't try to give advice or tell them what you think unless they ask for your opinion.

3.  Invest in a charity you believe in.  Give your time to something you believe in.  EMKY gives back by producing all product in the USA, you can read about it here.  We also give 20% from the sale of select fashion scarves to Make-A-Wish Foundation.  You can view the scarves here, here, and here.  


4.  The Dalia Lama on compassion:


5. Pass it on!  Realize that others are noticing what you do, especially children.  By offering compassion on a regular basis you inspire others to do the same.  This chain goes on and on and on, so add to the chain positively so compassion surrounds you and others!

Have a great weekend!