Style Tip #6 - Wearing Your Scarf As A Night Look January 28 2015

When adding new pieces to your wardrobe it's really important to consider these questions:

-What can I wear this new item with in my wardrobe?

-Do I need to buy something else in order to wear this new item and feel comfortable in it?

-How often can I wear this this?  Can I wear this piece on a daily, monthly, or annual basis?

These are great questions to ask yourself in order to utilize the pieces in your wardrobe you already wear frequently.  That way you always have amazing go to looks you love! The new pieces you add to it will help keep your style updated and you feeling confident, stylish, and gorgeous!

This scarf for example is a great, versatile piece to add to a wardrobe because it is easy to dress up and down.  The overall look will add a splash of color while simultaneously adding an enhanced style note to your basics.

 This night look is easy to put together but keeps you feeling stylish with comfort.  Pair this EMKY scarf with a fitted little black dress and gold accessories.  

How to wear your scarf:

1. Wrap it around your neck twice loosely.

2. Drape around your neck and let it fall down your body.

3. Around your shoulders and knotted around your front (see first picture).

Click here for many ways to wear your scarf.

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