How To Tie A Fashion Scarf November 19 2014

It's so chilly outside!!  New weather means new ways to wear your fashion scarves.  EMKY fashion scarves are meant to be worn in all types of weather and styled with all types of pieces.  We want you to use your creativity while wearing these scarves.  The silk scarf featured in this post can be seen here and is 14" x 72".  Here are some new ways to tie your scarf- remember, play with accessories, color, and different layers in your closet to create a look up to your standards.  

 #1 Way to tie your scarf is to wrap it around your neck loosely one time so it flows over your chest and shows off that gorgeous, colorful print!

#2 Way to tie your scarf is to drape it over your neck and secure it with a belt at your waist.

#3 way to tie your scarf is to fold in half and loop the loose ends around the enclosed end of the scarf.  Pair with a sweater for an extra cozy look!

#4 Way to tie your scarf is to drape it very low and loose around your neck and tie in a single knot.  This style also looks amazing with a feminine cut blazer or loose blouse!

#5 way to tie your scarf is great for an evening look.  Loop this scarf around your neck twice and let one end of the scarf fall on your chest and the other end of the scarf fall to your back.

What is your favorite way to wear an EMKY scarf?  Is one of your favorites posted here?  Come visit us on facebook or instagram and use #emkyfashion to let us know how your wearing your scarves on our @emkyshop instagram account!

Have an amazing day!