emky Secret #1 January 14 2014

SSHHHHH!!!!!   We want to tell you something...

We like Tuesdays at emky.  Yes, it's no Friday.  It's CERTAINLY no Saturday, but if you're doing something you love, what's the difference?

Since this is a fairly new brand and we have just started the viewing process and fashion can be a bit overwhelming, we'll be sharing a new fact every Tuesday about this brand, emky.   We hope you follow along, and if there's something you'd like learn about us or would like to see, please shoot us an email, info@emkyshop.com, we'd absolutely love to hear your two cents.

emky secret #1:

We love, love, love prints.  LOOOOVVVEEEEEEE prints. Let's spell it out:  emky=prints.

Have  you perused our shop online?  We'd love for you to take a gander and tell us what print you could see yourself wearing.  Or if your a guy, would you wear one of these scarves?  If not, what scarf would you like to see a lady wearing?  

We design everything and we knock nothing off.  PROUDLY.   The designs you find on our scarves are designed by emky's owner.  We didn't purchase them from a studio.  We didn't shop the market to find them.  We didn't google "amazing prints" and send the file to our printer to create the scarves.  We didn't take the concept from another brand or designer(hence, the term knock off).  The designs aren't filtered through a lengthy design team.  These designs are original, raw, authentic emky designs.  

This means that these designs are inspired, painted, illustrated, sprayed, colored, and absolutely photoshopped(swooon, our favorite).   

What's our favorite fashion scarf print thats in our shop right now?  Hmmmmm, tough question.  We would have to say Bugaboo Deux, In Pixelation, and Bluesy Stripes.  Which were very popular picks on our contest on Facebook.  Which, you should enter!  It is still open, and you never know when a contest will have more then one winner;)  

Thank you for reading our secret and learning a bit more about us.  We look forward to sharing more next Tuesday.  See, Tuesdays just got much better for us!!  What are you doing to make your Tuesday more enjoyable?

Happy day and make it an awesome one.