emky Secret #2 January 24 2014

Hey there and Happy Friday!!!!

Care for an emky secret this week?  No?  Yes?  Sure, why not?

We want you to understand our brand better and how it effects you so you can value it as much as possible.   This secret, as is last weeks, is pretty obvious to us, but may not be to you unless you really dig through emkyshop.com.

emky Secret #2....

We are dedicated to producing product in the USA.  Yes, it's more expensive and can be a lengthy process, yet can simpify things at the same time.  Just an FYI, if you don't know, it can be pretty cheap to produce goods overseas, but it's a rather complicated process.  Our brand was designed and developed on US soil, so why not produce our goods here too?  We think it's important to keep things in the USA to support our country and its work force-we believe in utilizing the resources businesses in the US have to offer.  

Be mindful of what your are purchasing, try to support made in USA product when it is possible!  

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Thank you for listening to our secret and have an amazing start to your weekend!!