EMKY Fashion Scarves is an American brand headquartered in Southern California.  We create beautiful printed fashion scarves that you can wear in multiple ways to multiple places on multiple occasions. All of our fashion scarves have one of a kind prints and are original unique artwork. Our fashion scarves are special because each piece is designed to wear in multiple ways to suit whatever mood you are in and to pump up your style. EMKY product is designed with the highest of quality of silks. We strive to make ladies feel happy, confident, and stunning when wearing our pieces.  

When shopping on emkyshop.com, you'll notice our scarves are styled in many different ways.  We encourage you to explore the EMKY blog and view the endless ways to wear and tie a scarf.  This is to show you how much variety you can get out of a single piece.  Our timeless prints are particularly special because they are designed to last year after year by maintaining quality and style. Fashion isn't just about what you're wearing, it's how you're wearing it.  We all need to feel beautiful in what we're wearing to put our best foot forward.

E-mail us with any style questions you may have, or specific trends you would like to see. or specific trends you would like to see.



We are dedicated to making the product in the USA, all of our fashion scarves are 100% made in the USA.  EMKY Fashion Scarves are manufactured in the USA because we believe in supporting local and contributing to growing manufacturing jobs in the USA.