How To Tie A Fashion Scarf: Before and After

Adding a fashion scarf to your look is such an easy way to spice up any outfit.  An EMKY fashion scarf can transform your look so effortlessly because they are colorful and bright, and are designed to make you feel confident and stylish.  Style tip #4 shows you how to change your look instantly! 

















Check out this before and after, our EMKY girl is wearing a simple cute top with some jeans.  It's pretty neutral, not necessarily boring but not particularly interesting either.  


Notice how this scarf instantly changes her outfit into a more stylish look.  The scarf adds color and completely changes the silhouette of her look.  The outfit was just fine in the before picture, but it is a little boring.  An easy way to take this look to the next level is to choose a scarf with similar colors that coordinate to your outfit.  This scarf instantly adds vibrancy to this outfit.  You can choose to tie the scarf in many different ways or you can also just keep it super simple and drape it around your neck as shown.



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